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Who We Are

The Company:

With a humble beginning in the year 1993, the seeds of Sunrise Remedies what it is today; were implanted by Mr. Jaman Malaviya and Mr. Mansukh Dhanani when they started Pharmaceutical Distributorship of various Allopathic, Ayurvedic medicines and cosmetics in 1984. The very own manufacturing unit was acquired and updated in 1999 with Tablets/capsules, Oral liquid/ suspension manufacturing facility and in 2006 Revised Schedule “M” was established.

The Promoters:

Mr. Jaman Malaviya (B. Com) Since 1980 to has worked as Manager in a Pharmaceutical company to The Managing Director of Sunrise Remedies Pvt. Ltd. has risen due to his sheer ability to work hard and being most self-reliant in all his missions. With great enthusiasm he continuously looks for avenues to grow the company in right direction. He has great interest in developing unique Ayurvedic formulations with clear-cut Marketing angle. This makes him a perfect Businessman at the helm of an organization.

Mr. Mansukh Dhanani (B. Sc. Approved chemist) Diligence and relentless efforts are the definitions of this dynamic personality! With a keen eye for detail in production he is the steering wheel of all manufacturing activities at our plant. He has strong viewpoints for all the aspects of business and gets his work done in perfection and in time from his co-workers and associates.

Our Products:

1. Segments:Global:Erection Dysfunction, Premature ejaculation

2. Segments:Global:Herbal product for Joint & Back pain reliever Cream/Tablets, Natural calcium, Hair oil, Cholesterol remover, Bust firming and tightening cream, Penis care cream/tablet,

3. Segments:General:Neurology, Antibiotics-Antibacterial, Analgesic-Anti-inflammatory, Anti-allergic & Cough remedies, Gastric related products, Vitamins & Nutritional, Anti malarial and Skin Care products. Neuro-Psychiatry, Promotional Ayurvedic and OTC Ayurvedic.

Our Services:

1. Product development for dynamic marketers,

2. Spare capacity manufacturing,

3. Loan licensing,

4. Appointing and developing franchisees across the country.

Near future plans:

1. Launching of Ethical marketing at strategic locations.

2. Completing development of a well-blown range of formulations in Neuro-Psychiatry.

3. Campaigning for select OTC products with clear objectives.

4. Upgrading technologies at our manufacturing facility in important segments.

5. Upgrading our R&D section for In-house quality assurance and controls.

6. Conversion of our plant to WHO-GMP specification by end of year 2015.

7. Introducing some Premium products in OTC segment.

More about us:

1. Manufacturer and marketer of famous brand for joint/back pain relief “JESIBI cream”.

2. Successful merchant exports established.

3. Expert manufacturer of allopathic “Erectile Dysfunction & Premature Ejaculation” products.